Yellow Gold

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Imperial Pearls

4-6.5 MM Fresh Water Veneti...


14KY 18 Inch with 2 Inch extention

Imperial Pearls

17 Inch Tin Cup Necklace 14...


14KY 17 Inch Tin Cup Necklace

Imperial Pearls

18 Inch 5-5.5MM Pearl Stran...


14KY 18inch 5-5.5MM FW AA Necklace

Imperial Pearls

14 KY White Pearl and Diamo...


14KY Pearl and Diamond Windsor Ring size 7

Imperial Pearls

14KY 10-11MM Fresh Water Pe...


14KY 10-11 MM FW Pearl Bracelet

Imperial Pearls

14 KY Drop Single Pearl Ear...


14 KY Drop Single Pearl Earrings

Imperial Pearls

Pearl Studs (AA Quality)

$115.00 $239.00

Pearl Studs

Imperial Pearls

Fresh Water Pearl Studs (A ...

$105.00 $179.00

FW Pearl Studs

Quality Gold

14KY Polished Hoop Earrings


Quality Gold

14KY Etched Floral Cross Pe...


Quality Gold

14KY Diamond Cross Pendant


Quality Gold

14KY Fleur De Lis Cross Pen...